Climate Change and Coastal Resilience

Climate change is the defining issue of our time, and our coastal communities are already disproportionately impacted by the effects of global warming.  The six towns in the Plymouth & Barnstable district are on the frontlines of climate change: severe storms are happening with greater frequency and increasing magnitude; sea levels are rising literally in our backyards, eroding wetlands and beaches; summers are hotter and drier, and drought more likely.  This changing climate in Massachusetts will harm ecosystems, disrupt our fishing and farming industries, and increase risks to human lives and health as well.

We must address this issue head on and with comprehensive, smart solutions to ensure that our children and grandchildren have a safe and healthy future.

  • Pursue a Massachusetts Green New Deal: accelerate our transition to renewable energy, boost green jobs, lessen reliance on fossil fuels, and make new investments in offshore wind, solar, hydro, and battery storage
  • Create a GreenWorks fund: give municipalities a funding source to to invest in coastal resilience, address aging coastal infrastructure, and expand the green communities program to create incentives for reducing harmful emissions at the local level