Strengthening our Middle Class

If you work hard, you shouldn’t have to struggle to get by.  When people can’t afford to buy homes in the neighborhoods where they grew up, when they aren’t able to put away any savings for retirement, and when a significant portion of the population is a single emergency away from disaster, it’s time to make changes.  We need to ensure that the residents in the Plymouth & Barnstable district have every opportunity not just to live but to thrive.

  • Create a fairer tax system by closing corporate tax loopholes that allow select companies to book profits earned here in Massachusetts to offshore tax havens
  • Ask our highest earners to pay a little more to help fund vital school and transportation needs and reduce the burden on our middle class by passing the Fair Share Amendment
  • Support unions and protect workers’ right to organize; Ensure the minimum wage is a living wage and work toward pay equity for women and people of color; Restore workers’ rights, including overtime protections, prevailing wage standards, and putting an end to wage theft and the rampant misclassification of employees as independent contractors
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