Transparency Pledge

I believe that government transparency is crucial to a healthy democracy. For that reason, I've taken the Act on Mass Transparency Pledge because I believe that voters deserve to know exactly what's going on. With this, I pledge to:

  1. Make all my committee votes publicly available upon request, including electronic polls and study orders
  2. Move to make public all votes and testimony of committees of which I am Chair, including electronic polls and study orders. If the committee rules prevent me from doing this, I will motion to amend the rules to make all votes and testimony public, and ask for a roll call vote on that motion.
  3. Stand for roll call when a member asks for a recorded vote on any bill or amendment which I have co-sponsored or which deals with substantively the same issue as a bill I have co-sponsored.

I believe that transparency in government enhances our democracy, holds elected officials accountable to our constituents, and increases civic engagement. Voters need to know how their representatives vote and should have open access to their voting record.

In addition to signing the Act on Mass Transparency Pledge today, I am posting all my campaign questionnaires on my website so voters know where I stand on the issues and how I have responded to interest groups. I hope that the other candidates in this race will join me in signing the pledge and posting their questionnaires online as well.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.